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Maths Intent


Our school views mathematics as an integral part of life. Children who can calculate, reason and solve mathematical problems will be better equipped to analyse and communicate information and ideas. They will be more prepared to tackle practical tasks and real-life problems as well as appreciating the inherent fascination of mathematics.


Our aims

By implementing the National Curriculum for Mathematics we aim:

  • To develop a sound understanding of the number system, in particular the application of number and problem solving.
  • To enable pupils to see the relevance of mathematical activity to real life situations and to encourage the effective use of mathematics as a powerful tool in a wide range of activities.
  • To develop pupils’ confidence in their mathematical abilities so that all pupils are mathematically challenged to achieve their full potential.
  • To show mathematics as a process, as a creative activity in which pupils are encouraged to use imagination, initiative and a flexibility of mind.
  • To promote activities which develop in pupils an enjoyment of and a fascination for mathematics, as well as to use mathematics as an essential element of communication, be it oral, written or graphical.
  • To develop an appreciation of the relationships within mathematics itself.
  • To encourage pupils to work in a systematic way.
  • To develop in pupils good working habits.
  • To encourage pupils to work individually and collectively to a purposeful end.
  • To use ICT as a tool to enhance learning.

Maths Policy

Maths Long Term Plan

Maths Progression Document