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                             Curriculum 2020 - 2021


In March 2020 we, along with the rest of the world, entered unprecedented times due to the Global Pandemic Covid 19.  Our school year ended without closure, without final assessment and without the opportunity for the children and adults  to make the usual transition to their next classes. 


Our curriculum for 2020 - 2021 therefore needs to be different to what we might have planned to deliver.  It needs to address any gaps caused by Covid 19 be they academic, physical, social or emotional.  It needs to build on the positives of the Lockdown experience, the sense of community, resillience under stress, caring for others and being cared for.  


This academic year is also special for us as it is the 150th anniversary of our St Cuthbert's school family, an achievement which must be celebrated.  This is a time for us to look back on and learn from the developments of the past and look forward to and prepare for the opportunities in our futures as individuals and also as a thriving, learning community.  


As such we have devised a whole school curriculum to meet the demands of this exceptional year based on, but expanding, our mission statement. 


Our curriculum 2020 - 2021


St Cuthbert's

Always Learning to Love and 

Loving to Learn in all ways 

Please see class pages for each year's detailed plans based on our whole school curriculum for 20 - 21