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Welcome to Early Years!


‘You are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus’.

~ Galatians 3:27 ~

'Play is the highest form of research.'

~ Albert Einstein ~


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P.E Kits

Children can come to school in their PE t-shirt and shorts with their school jumper on top. Plain black or grey joggers can be worn over the shorts if desired, a hoodie can also be brought in colder weather.  Children can come to school in trainers or school shoes and change into their pumps in school should PE be inside.  Named pumps should be kept in school in named PE bags so please send those in.



Outdoor Learning and P.E.


Outdoor learning will take place on Friday mornings for Early Years children.  As P.E. takes place on the same day in the afternoon, consideration needs to be made for clothing. The ideal solution would be for children to wear an all in one waterproof puddle suit over the top of their PE kits, but I understand not all children will have these.

If you are unable to acquire one of these, an alternative would be for children to wear their PE shorts and top under some outdoor learning clothes.   

Clothing for outdoor learning should be comfortable, that you don't mind your child getting very muddy and wellies! After outdoor learning children can either remove their clothing if very muddy and do PE in their kits which will be underneath or remain in those clothes for the PE session too if suitable.

So every Friday, send your child to school wearing their PE shorts and top under outdoor learning clothes (or puddle suit) wearing wellies with trainers to change into, in a named carrier bag!





Just a reminder at the start of the school year, that all items of uniform must be labelled with your child's full name in order to avoid misplaced items.  Children do, at times, need to take their jumpers off in class, and clothing can quickly become lost or mixed up if it isn't labelled.



Class Dojo 


We will communicate predominantly through Dojo, and will also add photographs of your child's work throughout the year.  If you haven't already, you will be able to download the app to your digital device, and like and comment on your child's work.  If you would like to connect an additional parent to Dojo, please let me know, however, we are unable to connect anybody other than parents. 


Please note that Dojo messages will only be received during the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, so please don't worry if you don't receive an immediate response.


Our Early Years Curriculum