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Parent's Evening Questionnaire March 2015

End of Year 2014-2015 Children's Questionnaire

End of Year 2014-2015 Parental Questionnaire


Parent's Evening Questionnaire


What you told us



Thank you for taking the time to fill in our short questionnaire at parents' evening. It was great to see so many of you and to hear the very positive things that you had to say. We have collated the results and have them for you to see below.


You said some wonderful things about our school and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for that from all of the staff who work here. You have also offered some great suggestions about things you would like to see change or be done in the future. We are discussing these as a staff and some of the suggestions raised are already being acted on.


Question 1 - Has parents' evening been informative and worthwhile for you?


100% of all answers submitted said 'Yes'.


Question 2 - Do you think there should be more opportunities for parents' to come into school to see how the children work?


83% of all answers submitted said 'Yes'

This is something we will look at so that parents' have more of an opportunity to come into school to see the children working.


Question 3 - How do you think parents' could contribute more?


Some of the responses submitted:


"Parents' could be invited to help out on trips."

"Parents' could come in and work alongside their children."

"Take on more involvement with homework."

"Come in and share job experiences with the children."

"Be able to read with the children in school."

"Maybe help out with after school clubs"


Question 4 - What do you think of the school environment?


Some of the responses submitted:


"Looking better every time I come in."

"Safe and friendly."

"Stimulating and engaging."

"Looking very tidy."


Question 5 - Do you know what our school council does?


73% of answers submitted said 'Yes'


Question 6 - Do you think the children at our school are well behaved?


94% of all answers submitted said 'Yes'


Question 7 - Where do you prefer parents' evening to be held?


71% of answers submitted said 'In the hall'

As a result of this we will continue to hold our parents' evenings in the hall.


Question 8 - How can school improve in your opinion?


Some of the responses submitted:


"School could celebrate special days more."

"Possibly send home letters and newsletters via email."

"Nothing, keep up the hard work."

"Some updated technology."


With regards to technology we are in the process of upgrading our portable devices and have recently installed faster internet.


Question 9 - Any other comments?


Some of the responses submitted:


"You're doing a great job."

"Sophie Gregory was very polite when asking the questions. Well done Sophie."

"Keep up the great work school council."