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Rota Kids 2016-2017

  • Summer Fair - July 2017


    Our RotaKids helped to set up and organise the school fair along with all of our brilliant PTFA volunteers and church friends. The RotaKids also created posters to show the day and and time of the fair so that lots of people would come along.


  • Glasses Collection - Spring 2017


    Our next project as St Cuthbert's RotaKids was to collect old and unwanted pairs of glasses to recycle and send to people in need. This great charity collects glasses and then reconditions them for people around the world in countries where glasses are in short supply. It is amazing how much one pair of glasses can improve quality of life. Thank you to all of the children in school who brought in glasses for our collection.


Our new team - 16-17


Our RotaKids club goes from strength to strength in and around school. It has increased in size from when we first began and a new group of children from Year 3 have been added to replace the children who have moved on to high school. We have also appointed a new leadership team:




      Katie Howarth            Jessica Blackledge       Cairo Hilliard-Pollard    Christopher Smalley

             Chair                           Vice Chair                        Secretary                   Treasurer