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What our children say about our school

Children's Attitude to Reading Survey - February 2017

Children Survey September 2016

We are proud to present you with the Children Survey Results for 2016.  We take the children’s responses seriously and fully appreciate their thoughts, comments and reflections.  We have given feedback to the children and will look for ways to continually improve together.


Responding to the survey:-

All responses were overwhelming positive

Children tell us they;

  1. Like being at school and are happy
  2. Think their lessons are fun
  3. Get help to get better
  4. Know what to do if they are finding their work difficult
  5. Have a safe , secure and positive school

Together we will work hard to get better at:

  • Improving the range of after school clubs particularly for KS1 children
  • Using mobile technology and staying safe online

Pupil Survey Results September 2016