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Tuesday 30th October


HEARTSMART – No Way Through isn’t True!

Assembly 1 – The story of the Frog


1st November – All Souls

Monday 5th November – God gives us strength to find our way through

HEARTSMART – No Way Through isn’t True!


Exodus 15 v 1-2 What do we do when we are happy?

The song in Exodus 15 is a happy response following the escape from slavery in Egypt.

This is a response to God’s living power – our way through! God who has led Moses and the Israelites across the Red Sea. Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron. The focus is God’s saving power and protection for his people! This is the same God who continues to save and to protect his people today.

The Lord is my strength and my defence, he has become my salvation.

He is my God and I will praise him’.

(Exodus 15:1-2)

Use these words with some images suggesting ‘strength’, ‘defence’ ‘salvation’


11th Armistice Day & Remembrance



Monday, 12th November – Peace and Remembrance

Link to hope and during the war people didn’t give up – they stayed strong

‘Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way? The Lord be with all of you.’ 2 Thessalonians 3:16 NIV

1) Remembering

2) Never Forget

3) Assembly 18 - Helping People


12th Prophet’s Birthday (Islam)

Monday, 19th November – Our way through is the Bible, a Lamp to light the way


HEARTSMART – No Way Through isn’t True!

Your word is a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path.


Psalm 119 v 105

This picture of the Bible is an example of how the guidance given shows the way far ahead but also around our feet – which is needed on difficult terrain in the darkness. Christians believe that the Bible can show the right path to follow but also provide guidance at each moment so that they avoid dangers like holes in a path. Choose your favourite teaching of Jesus – explain to pupils how that has been a ‘lamp’ for you.


Monday, 26th November - Perseverance

HEARTSMART – No Way Through isn’t True!

Story of Derek Redmond, go to


Philippians 3.14: ‘I press on towards the goal.’

Romans 5.3–4: ‘Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.’

Galatians 6.9: ‘Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.’


The Hare and the Tortoise

30Th November – St Andrew – Apostle patron of Scotland

Monday, 3rd December


HEARTSMART – No Way Through isn’t True!


THE PATRIARCHS (Light 1 candle)

Genesis 12 v 1-8 When lighting the first candle, we are encouraged to think of the ancestors of Jesus, of where Jesus came from. It is important to remember that his parents were Jewish. God made a promise to Abraham that from him would come a nation that would be as plentiful as the stars in the sky and the grains of sand in the desert. Jesus was one of these promised descendants who was born as the result of another, later promise from God (see following act of worship). Think about the importance of promises and of having and keeping faith in those promises.


THE PROPHETS (Light 2 candles)

Isaiah 1 v 6-7, Micah 4 v 3-4

The focus here is upon the verses in the Old Testament which foretell the coming of Jesus so we need to get ready. What are the signs that Christmas is coming? (Include the Advent ring in this). What are the signs of the seasons and how do we prepare? How do we prepare for Christmas? How do we prepare for the coming of Jesus?

In I Thessalonians 3 v10-13, Paul tells us to be strong in faith, and to increase our love for God and for each other.




Monday, 10th December


JOHN THE BAPTIST (Light 3 Candles)

Mark 1 v 1-12 (also Malachi 3 v 1-4) John the Baptist who was the cousin of Jesus spoke about him as the one who was to come. John said that this person would be mighty and that he (John) was not worthy even to untie his sandals. John was a colourful character – especially popular with pupils for eating locusts and honey! His message was about repentance and being washed clean from sin which is another way of preparing for Christmas during Advent. Demonstrate using a messy task where hands get very dirty – wipe dirty hands on a white piece of cloth – then wash hands very thoroughly with strong soap and dry on another piece of white cloth leaving no mark at all. Contrast the 2 pieces of cloth to show how people forget and disobey God which can make them messy ‘I messed up’ (like the stained cloth) but that God’s love and mercy can wash people clean (like the clean cloth)


Monday, 17th December – Christmas Celebration Worships

MARY (Light 4 Candles)

Luke 1 v 46-55 This is the song of joy which Mary sang when she visited Elizabeth, her cousin, who was pregnant with John the Baptist. She expresses joy at being chosen as the mother of Jesus. This is a song which can help us to pray. For younger pupils focus on the first of these phrases – extend for older pupils/groups. Focus on some of the particular phrases and ask who or what this points to in terms of our prayers: I am glad because of God my Saviour. He cares for me. (v 47-48) Give thanks to God for caring for us even when we do not care enough about him God drags strong rulers from their thrones and puts humble people in places of power(v 51-52) It is hard to be the leader of a government or country. We should pray that all leaders might be wise and humble. God gives the hungry good things to eat (v 53) Pray for those in need of food especially and for our part in helping to meet that need is important especially amidst the excesses of Christmas.


Christmas Holidays


At St Cuthbert's we recognise the power of prayer and the comfort it brings. It is a time of quiet contemplation, a time to ask for forgiveness, a time of peace and a time to reflect and be thankful. We respect the diversity in our school community. Each week our children and staff are invited to write prayers inspired by the worship value/message or simply to sit and think about the theme. These prayers are displayed on our prayer tree which stands in our entrance area so that members of our school community and visitors can read them. Some of these prayers are read as part of worship.

Please let us know if you would like us to pray for someone or something in particular by submitting an e-mail using the contact form below.

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