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Welcome to our RotaKids page


RotaKids is an exciting new club that has been set up in school by the children, for the children. It is supported by Darwen Rotary club and will provide our children with lots of exciting opportunities.

RotaKids believe achievement, peace, friendship and fun go hand in hand. This is something us at St Cuthbert's completely agree with. RotaKids club will provide our children with the chance to help our school, our community and our world.

At RotaKids club all of the children make the following pledge to demonstrate their commitment to being good citizens:

"As a RotaKid,

I endeavour to be fair to all

to serve my community

and to show respect for others."

As part of our RotaKids club we have appointed people, through a voting system, into some positions of responsibility.