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Welcome to our RotaKids page


RotaKids is an exciting new club that has been set up in school by the children, for the children. It is supported by Darwen Rotary club and will provide our children with lots of exciting opportunities.

RotaKids believe achievement, peace, friendship and fun go hand in hand. This is something us at St Cuthbert's completely agree with. RotaKids club will provide our children with the chance to help our school, our community and our world.

At RotaKids club all of the children make the following pledge to demonstrate their commitment to being good citizens:

"As a RotaKid,

I endeavour to be fair to all

to serve my community

and to show respect for others."

As part of our RotaKids club we have appointed people, through a voting system, into some positions of responsibility. 

An exciting summer term ahead.......


The St Cuthbert's RotaKids have a lot to look forward to in the Summer Term. We will be sending some representatives to the North West RotaKids conference at Lancaster University, getting involved with our Summer fair, thanking our current leadership team and looking forward to next year and planning some exciting projects.


April 2018 - Our high-vis jackets have arrived


A big thank you to Darwen Rotary club who have provided us with a set of high visibility jackets to wear during our RotaKids events. We will be able to show off our RotaKids club whilst being out in our local community.


Autumn 2017 - Our new leadership team


To start the new year our RotaKids appointed a new team. They selected:


Leona Rawsthorn

James Edwards-Aspinall

Ella Young

Sophie Draper


It will be the job of these four children to call meetings, organise events and plan new projects over the year.

Summer Fair - July 2017


Our RotaKids helped to set up and organise the school fair along with all of our brilliant PTFA volunteers and church friends. The RotaKids also created posters to show the day and and time of the fair so that lots of people would come along.


Glasses Collection - Spring 2017


Our next project as St Cuthbert's RotaKids was to collect old and unwanted pairs of glasses to recycle and send to people in need. This great charity collects glasses and then reconditions them for people around the world in countries where glasses are in short supply. It is amazing how much one pair of glasses can improve quality of life. Thank you to all of the children in school who brought in glasses for our collection.


Our new team - 16-17


Our RotaKids club goes from strength to strength in and around school. It has increased in size from when we first began and a new group of children from Year 3 have been added to replace the children who have moved on to high school. We have also appointed a new leadership team:




                 Katie Howarth            Jessica Blackledge       Cairo Hilliard-Pollard    Christopher Smalley

                        Chair                           Vice Chair                        Secretary                   Treasurer

RotaKids Conference - Lancaster University

Friday 17th June 2016

Our RotaKids were very lucky to be invited the the annual RotaKids of Lancashire conference. We had to select three children from our group to represent St Cuthbert's and they did a great job. Cairo, Katie and Jessica went along and got involved in many inspiring workshops run by some amazing charities. We heard all about:

- Mary's meals

- The Children's Hospice

- Dementia Friends

- Environmental services

- Park rangers

- Life Straws

We learnt so much and came away with lots of ideas for future projects.

After the sessions had finished we were invited on a tour of the Lancaster University campus. We were given a great tour and it made us think about what we would like to do in the future.

RotaKids Support Sport Relief

We decided at our last meeting to support Sport Relief and raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves.  We researched Sport Relief and know that 50% of all money raised will be spent here in the UK whilst the remaining 50% is spent overseas.  We held a 6 hour sponsored cycle in the school hall with help from some of the teachers.

We have raised over £500! Well done to all of the RotaKids, such a fantastic achievement.


Meet the team 15-16 



            Sophie Gregory          Caitlin Glover        Brandon Shannon        Miya Passerini

                President                Vice-president             Treasurer                    Secretary

It is official, our club has been launched..........

We were visited by members of Darwen Rota club who brought along badges and certificates to show that we are an official club in school. Our story was published in the newspaper along with our photograph. We also unveiled our brand new RotaKids display board outside Year 4 where we can display all of our achievements and updates.


Our first project - Shoe Box appeal

A big thank you to everyone who donated and collected items for our shoe box appeal this year. We were able to fill up 25 large boxes that have now been sent to children in need all around the world. Well done to all of the RotaKids for making our first project such a successful one.