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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


I am Mrs Oliver and I will be the class teacher in Year 1 this year.

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Reading at home plays an important part in developing the skills of a young reader and we encourage you to help in the progression of your child's reading skills by hearing them read at home daily if possible, but if not at least three times a week.  We aim to change books in class on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Occasionally there may be changes to our routine that makes it difficult for that to happen; don't worry about this as it builds up fluency to reread books at this age. 


When you have listened to your child read, if you could record it in their reading diaries, along with any comments on how they read, this will help us when changing reading books. Reading books should be brought into school daily in a school book bag.  Other bags are not allowed in school, as we haven't space to keep them. 

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Homework will be given on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.  It will be just one piece of Maths or Literacy work, practicing skills learned that week, or a simple piece of research.  We encourage you to become involved in supporting your child with their homework, while at the same time allowing them to complete it. 

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Just a reminder at the start of the school year, that all items of uniform must be labelled with your child's full name in order to avoid misplaced items.  Children do, at times, need to take their jumpers off in class, and then change fully for P.E. and swimming sessions, and clothing can quickly become lost or mixed up if it isn't labelled.




P.E. will be taught on a Tuesday afternoon.  Each child needs their own, clearly labelled P.E. kit to be left in school in a P.E. bag.




Your child will swim at Johnsons on alternate Wednesday mornings, beginning after the October half term holiday. One half of the class will swim on the first week, and the other half on the second week.  Your child will need appropriate swimwear and a towel.  If your child has long hair he / she will also need a swimming hat.  They need to be brought into school on the morning that your child swims (we don't have much corridor space so we can't keep them in the days running up to your child's swimming session).  


We will send out reminders at the beginning of a new term / half term via Dojo to let you know which group will swim, however we won't send out weekly reminders of which group it is.  If you can't remember when your child's swimming week is, please feel free to Dojo us to check.


Year 1 children really enjoy the swimming sessions.  It would really help them if they can practice fully drying and dressing themselves at home, in order to make the process as easy as possible for them after swimming.

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Class Dojo 


We will continue to use Class Dojo into Year 1 this year.  Your child's Dojo account will be passed up from Reception to Year 1.  We will send a letter home at the beginning of term to invite those parents that haven't yet signed up.  This will allow your child to send home photographs of their work throughout the year.  If you haven't already, you will be able to download the app to your digital device, and like and comment on your child's work.


Dojo has is also a valuable tool for communicating with parents as well as sharing work.  There are occasions when Dojo can be used to send reminder messages about things such as swimming, non-uniform days or inform you if your child is to receive a certificate in assembly.  These messages may only be relayed this way, so it is important that all parents can access the app.  If is a problem for anybody, please let us know and we can try to help.





Purple Mash


We used Purple Mash in school to support learning in computing, and across other areas of the curriculum.  Your child will have their log in details in their homework book.  They can access Purple Mash at home by following the link bellow and using their individual login details.

Our Learning This Year


This year our learning will be based around Our Amazing World.  Please look at our long term plan to find out what topics we will cover.  

Year 1 Yearly Topic Overview

Autumn Term 1


This half term we will look at Our Amazing Bodies.  We will look at stories that encourage us to look at our uniqueness and we will explore the many wonderful things that our bodies can do.  Please look at our plan below for further information.