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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


This year in Year 1 the staff who will be working with your children are Mrs Oliver (Class Teacher), Miss C. Gibson, Miss Rowe and Miss Tully (Teaching Assistants). 




Safer Internet Day 2018

This film accompanies the Safer Internet Day 2018 education pack for Early Years/ KS1. Red and Murphy, our favourite pair of puppets, talk about what it feels like when being online becomes too much. They try meditation and conclude it is important to take a minute, switch devices off and talk to a grown up.

In addition, Mrs Otley will teach Spanish on a Wednesday afternoon, and Mr Ellison will work with the children for some P.E. sessions.

We can now put animals and colours together to make a simple sentence. E.g Una paloma amarilla. A yellow dove.

Still image for this video

We now can put animals and colours together. Here we are playing animal and colour bingo.

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We have been learning Spanish colours and playing Spanish colour Bingo.




Reading at home plays an important part in developing the skills of a young reader and we encourage you to help in the progression of your child's reading skills by hearing them read at home daily if possible, but if not at least three times a week.  We aim to change books in class on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Occasionally there may be changes to our routine that makes it difficult for that to happen; don't worry about this as it builds up fluency to reread books at this age. 


When you have listened to your child read, if you could record it in their reading diaries, along with any comments on how they read, this will help us when changing reading books. Reading books should be brought into school daily in a school book bag.  Other bags are not allowed in school, as we haven't space to keep them. 


St Cuthbert's Book Bag




Homework will be given on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.  It will be just one piece of Maths or Literacy work, practicing skills learned that week, or a simple piece of research.  We encourage you to become involved in supporting your child with their homework, while at the same time allowing them to complete it. 





Just a reminder at the start of the school year, that all items of uniform must be labelled with your child's full name in order to avoid misplaced items.  Children do, at times, need to take their jumpers off in class, and then change fully for P.E. sessions, and clothing can quickly become lost or mixed up if it isn't labelled.




P.E.  will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon.  Each child needs their own, clearly labelled P.E. kit to be left in school.


Class Dojo 


We are introducing Class Dojo into Year 1 this year.  We managed to sign some parents up before moving up day in July and were able to successfully share some photos from that day.  We will send another letter home at the beginning of term to invite those parents that weren't able to sign up to it in July.  This will allow your child to send home photographs of their work throughout the year.  You will be able to download the app to your digital device, and like and comment on your child's work.


Please be patient while we become familiar with the app and how it works.  We are still learning about it, and will need to teach the children how to use it too.


Year 1 Yearly Topic Overview

Autumn 1 - Half Termly Topic Overview



We have been learning about ourselves this half term. Having practiced naming our body parts, we began to look at our senses. 


We investigated sight, by looking at things in the dark, and then adding light to highlight that we need some light to see.


We investigated hearing by playing sound games and finding the best material to make sound defenders to block out loud noises.


We investigated touch by feeling and describing different textures.  Here are some photos of our investigation.




We investigated smell by guessing what given hidden smells were. 


We investigated the taste of a number of foods and identified them as sweet, salty, bitter or sour.  Here are some photos of our taste investigation.



We have spent a number of weeks looking at the book Elmer. Elmer is a patchwork elephant who becomes fed up of being different to all of his friends. His plan to make himself look like the rest of the elephants doesn't work, and the results make his friends laugh and they quickly show him just how much they love him. 

We read the story and then found that we received a letter from Elmer's friend Gerry the Giraffe. It told us that Elmer had gone missing from the jungle and that the animals were very upset. We were asked to help the animals to find Elmer and return him to the jungle. 

We made 'Missing' posters and tried really hard to think of ways of encouraging Elmer to come back. Elmer got in touch to let us know that he was upset that he was different and felt that his friends were laughing at him. We wrote letters to Elmer, and decided to hold an 'Elmer's Day'. We thought of lots of activities that might encourage Elmer to come back. Here are some of our photos.
We heard from Elmer the following day. We received a video clip from him, telling us that we had taught him that it was good to be different and that our friends will live us just as we are. Elmer returned to his friends in the jungle.


Still image for this video
Here are some pictures of our October enrichment activity. Activities included pumpkin making, Autumn dream catcher making, stick men making, story drama and badminton and short tennis.


As part of a whole school theme of Religions around the World, we have been focussing on Hinduism.  We looked at stories relating to Krishna, and then read about Rama and Sita to prepare for a look into Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light.

We made some Diwali lamps, after learning that Sita and Rama found their way home to lanterns lit along their path, and that Hindus light lamps to encourage the arrival of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth during Diwali.

Autumn 2 - Half Termly Topic Overview

World Religion Day

We continued with our theme of Hinduism for our World Religion day. We had Mehndi designs drawn onto our hands.   We acted out the story of Rama and Sita and told others about the celebration of Diwali. We even made it into the Lancashire Telegraph. 

Lancashire Day

We learned a little about the textile mills during Lancashire Day. We had a go at weaving ourselves. 


We made Christingles ready for our Christingle service.  Check out the slide show to remind yourself of what each part of the Christingle represents.

Spring 1 - Half Termly Topic Overview

Our Year 1 children have asked if they can practice their tricky words at home, so we have created some slide shows of the tricky words associated with Phase 2, 3, 4 and 5.  By this stage in Year 1 we hope that children would know tricky words up to Phase 5.  We practice them in school regularly too.

Phase 5 tricky words

Writing Week
This week in year 1 an incident occurred. Our igloo was overturned and all of the penguins had disappeared. We arrived in class to find crime scene tape around the role play areas and the plant pots outside were overturned. We investigated to see if we could work out what had happened, but we were able to find no clues. A big brown envelope was delivered to class with CCTV images of the penguins leaving class. One penguin seemed to be the ring leader. A mess of hocky sticks along with a tin of salmon was found in the hall. What could this mean? 
After a visit from the police, and a write up of crime reports, we found the penguins returned, in a cardboard box, with hockey sticks as oars. The penguins had attempted a journey to the South Pole, but had returned unsuccessful.

Spring 2 - Half Termly Topic Overview

Primary Engineering Car Making Project
We have spent some time working on our Primary Engineering Car Making Project.  We have made designs for our car and painted and decorated shoe boxes to use as our car shell.  This week we have used lolly sticks and rulers to help us to measure where our wheels will be positioned.  After drawing our markings on our box lids, we have punched holes through the box lids so that we can put dowels through.  Here is an outline of what we've done so far, and some photographs of use enjoying our design and build project. 

Summer 1 - Half Termly Topic Overview

The Enormous Turnip
We read the story of the Enormous Turnip. We told the story as part of our class assembly, and then made changes to the story to write our own versions. We had The Enormous Carrot, The Enormous Flower, The Enormous Potato and The Enormous Tomato. Here are some examples of our stories. 

We decided to make vegetable soup with the turnip. We invited parents to help us and we had a lovely time. Here are some of the photos we took.

The soup was really yummy, we enjoyed eating it, and even invited parents later in the day to come and taste it.

We have read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We read the story and then made changes to it.  We planned different foods for the caterpillar to eat as a group and then practiced telling the new story. We video recorded ourselves telling the story in groups and then used the video to help us in our writing.  We used iPads with the video on to help us to recall the story while we wrote.


Here are our videos. We hope you like them.

Stick Insects Group

Still image for this video

Fireflies Group

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Ladybirds Group

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Caterpillars Group

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Dragonflies Group

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Summer 2 - Half Termly Topic Overview

Primary Engineering

After designing and making our cars last term as part of the Primary Engineering Project, we made our final adjustments to them and tested them using a ramp.  We were looking for distance and straightness.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our DT project and the children were looking forward to being able to take their finished cars home.