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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 ! 

The Year 1 Team


Mrs Darley will be teaching Monday and Tuesday to cover Mrs Burn's maternity leave. 

Mrs Bridge has joined us to support in class.


The end of year is here and the summer holidays are about to begin, Myself and all the staff in Year 1 would like to say a big thank you for all your support this year and your very generous gifts.

We wish all the children the very in best for Year 2, they have all achieved so much this year and we know they will continue to shine throughout their time at St Cuthbert's.

Happy holidays 

Mrs Sergeant. 


This Summer half term our topic is




During this topic we will be learning about animals; where they live, their body parts and what they eat. 

We will continue our PE lessons with FUNDA and Mrs Darley.  

ICT will be through a cross curricular approach, using iPads and Laptops to search and present information. 

Our Art work will be Aboriginal themed art. 

In RE and our class worships we will continue learning about Hinduism and comparing their stories to the Christian Bible stories. 

We will also be using this half term to prepare for our move up to Year 2. 

Take a look at Year One’s topic overview to see all the other exciting things we will be learning about this Summer half term. 

Parents and Carers of Year 1 and PSRP's children.

A BIG thank you to all the parents and carers who came to support the children today. The children were nervous but they did really well and they loved having you in class afterwards.

Thank you to all the adults who came to watch and for your feedback and those in school who supported the children, thank you to PSRP for their lovely cakes and thank you to our Kitchen staff for their famous milky coffee! 



Got a question?

If you have any questions for any of the Year One team, write it in the box below with your name and email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Here are our Half Termly topic overviews and our yearly topic overview.

Here's a link to our curriculum page!


Throughout the year we will be looking at a wide range of books, through our topic work, guided reading and class story time.

Reading is an essential skill therefore we encourage all the children to look at and read books both at school and home.


All children in our school are expected to read at home at least 3 times a week. 


We will change reading books Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Books will not be changed everyday and there maybe times when your child brings home a book they have had before; we encourage re-reading of books to build comprehension, fluency and speaking and listening skills. Talk to your children about the books they are reading and please fill in the purple reading diary with feedback on progress or any difficulties you think your child is having with their book. 


Click on the Dr. Suess quote to see our school ethos on reading.

Why not have a go at completing an book review with your child. 


Click here for some helpful tips and hints on developing and enjoying reading with your child. 



Homework will be sent home the first week of each half term and collected the Friday of the last week.

Homework will mostly be Maths or English skills, however there may be times when special homework is set, linked to an area of the half terms topic. 

Homework packs will included 6-7 tasks. (Enough for 1 piece a week.)

These tasks can be completed at your own speed; We have some children who complete a piece each week, and some that hand it all in on the last week.

They should be brought in to be looked at by the teacher as soon as you have finished them.  

Completed homework will be displayed in our homework corner, in class, to share all the children's achievements then returned home the following half term. 

Please note that most pieces of homework the children will be able to complete independently, however some pieces may need guidance from an adult. 

Well done to these children for completing Summer 1 homework project! 10 smiles each :)

Take a look at the methods below, these can help with your maths homework.

Our Learning!

Thursday 23rd June: We have had some very special visitors today. The children really enjoyed meeting the chicks and learning about their life cycle.

What a lovely day celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday. Well done children you made amazing crowns!!

Well done Year 1!


The weather was great and so were the children.

We had lots of fun pretending to be Captains and flying the plane, learning about all the people who help make the planes fly and work around an airport and seeing the worlds biggest and the worlds fastest planes. 

A big thank you to all our adult helpers! 

Take a look at the at the pictures below to see all the fun we had. 


More fantastic RE work. We are all very proud of the children's storyboards showing the Hindu story of creation.

Well done to Amber and Oliver for receiving a Headteachers award for their beautiful Easter story booklets.

The children have made lovely Easter gardens as a part of their Spring homework.

Making vegetable dips with Mrs Darley.

A very proud Heidi showing us her sticker from Mrs Clegg. A brilliant drawing with neat labels.

Planting seeds.

Going on a plant hunt around the playground. The children did very well finding and naming different plants and their parts.

World Book Day. Can you name any of the characters or books? We had some Yr6 children visit us in class to read with us. Well done to our book winners Tinkerbell and Wicked Witch!

We won the Attendance Bear! Well Done Year 1 keep it up!!

Using the Roamers to describe direction and movement.

Well Done girls for winning medals in FUNDA PE

Thank you to all those children who came back for our evening performance of the Infants Christmas Production. All the children were FANTASTIC!

As part of our topic 'Once Upon a Time' we have been finding out about castles and their History, from the very first castles built by William the Conqueror following the battle of Hastings in 1066. We used the Bayeux Tapestry to find evidence about the battle and then recreated the events in the hall using spears!

Here are some pictures of our recreation of the battle of Hastings!


We wer well chuffed wit kids Lancashire day costumes.

As part of our Lancashire week, we have been learning all about the Pendle Witches! We discovered the twelve accused all lived in the area around Pendle Hill in Lancashire and spent time in Lancaster Castle before their trials in which 10 were found guilty and hung!

We imagined living over 400 years ago and which teachers in school may have been suspected of taking part in Witchcraft. After investigations, we discovered that Mrs. Robertshaw was most likely to have been accused of being a witch! She bowed her head in shame!

Here are some photos of the accused witches, our questionnaires, warning posters and our bar chart of results.

OH NO! There's been a break in!

Last half term,year 1 arrived to find a trail of dinosaur footprints and blood covered bones within a very messy classroom!

We've been investigating what might have happened and have contacted the local Police! So far we have created wanted posters for the police with descriptions of the possible suspects!

In History we have been learning about dinosaur time periods!

Still image for this video
Here is a song we made up to help us remember the names and order of the time periods!

In our English lessons, we have used story covers to make predictions of possible story events. In particular, we looked at the cover of 'Tyrannosaurus Drip' and talked about what we thought might happen in the story using the illustrations and blurb. Children used other stories in the book corner, drew pictures and wrote sentences about their predictions on the writing table and re-created story events (once we had read the story) in the small world area.

Oh no! The dinosaurs have escaped!

Keep up to date with events in school and important information with our News and Events page. 

Don't forget you can log on to Purple Mash from home, there are lots of games and interactive tools to help you practise the things we have been learning in school smiley

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