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Spring Term Worship Themes 2015-2016


Our 2016 spring term worship theme is:  Living Well - Developing a Christ-like Character.

We hope these themes for collective worship will help children and adults in school to reflect on this Christian narrative: what it is to live life well and to the full, inspired by the example of Jesus and his followers.


Living Well – Developing Christ-like Character

Tuesday, 5th January

  • For Christians, human beings were made “in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27); however, the Bible also shows that people mess things up - in other words the idea of “sin” ( Romans 5:8).
  • How, then, can the relationship with God be restored? The New Testament presents Jesus as the answer – the Saviour who, through his life, death and resurrection will restore the human relationship with God.




Well done! To reflect upon and celebrate the past year and to make plans for the coming year

Well made - A Fresh Start – God makes all things new


Monday, 11th January

  • Thinking about God – who is He, what is He like, what does he think of me?
  • Thinking well about others – making friends out of enemies.
  • Thinking well for ourselves using our amazing minds.






Thinking well – about God - the key messages of the Lord's Prayer

Video of The Lord’s Prayer -

Thinking well - about others – Saul and Ananias change their minds

Thinking well -  for ourselves

Clever minds - the amazing creative powers of the human mind

Monday, 18th January

  • God treasures peace, love and generosity - enjoy these precious jewels and share them with others.
  • What we are like on the outside is not as important as what we are like on the inside.
  • Being kind and generous to others and thinking about what really matters in life.




Well rich - treasures in God’s kingdom and sharing true riches:

Well important – seeing people as God sees them – unique and special

The Rich Fool - to think about priorities and what is really important in life.

Monday, 25th January

  • Christians believe God is our Father, Jesus is our brother and the Holy Spirit is our guide.
  • God cares for us and asks us to care for one another.
  • Jesus calls us to make up and mend relationships, seeking to live in peace together.




Well connected - we belong to God:

Well cared for - show love and respect to everyone:

How can we fix it? (The importance of reconciliation)

Monday, 1st February

  • The importance of learning for life – spiritual, moral, social, cultural as well as intellectual and academic skills.
  • To help the children appreciate the value of things they don’t have to pay for – costing less but worth more.
  • Learning not to be defeated by our mistakes but to see them as a learning process.




Well prepared - what we learn as young people equips us for the future:

Learning well – learn what is truly important and valuable:

Learning from mistakes – admitting and valuing mistakes to achieve success:

Monday, 8th February

  • Following Christ is not about keeping rules, nor even about following Christian principles and values, as important as rules, values and principles.
  • Rather it is being a particular type of person, one who is shaped by Jesus’ teaching; someone whose life is an embodied anticipation of the Kingdom yet to come.
  • Christian character results from years of wise choices becoming second nature, whereby dispositions to think and act in Christian ways are nurtured as the Holy Spirit works in us.

        Quoted from the ‘What if Learning Programme’.




Behave well - Christians believe that they should try to imitate Jesus:

Shape up - our heart attitudes are what we are remembered for:

Drain or radiator - the effect our behaviour has on others:

Half Term Monday, 15th February to Friday, 19th February 2016

Monday, 22nd February





Well wise - different forms of learning as well as ‘wisdom’:

Build well – do what is right, survive the storms of life:

Live wise – making wise decisions in life and good choices:

Monday, 29th February

  • But God shows his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8
  • For God so loved the world that He gave his only son. John 3:16
  • Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. John 13:34




Live in the light – Jesus, Light of the World:

Well loved – God so loves the world:

Live in love – love God and love one another:

Monday, 7th March

·       The metaphor of “warm fires and open doors” comes from a speech made by David Thomson. Bishop of Huntingdon, to Church school leaders. As he said in that speech: By Warm Fires I mean a vibrant and attractive sense of our Christian identity, and by Open Doors I mean a real welcome to anyone and everyone to gather round the fire. David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon.




Well-come! - making people feel welcome:

Everyone is welcome! - God welcomes everyone into his family:

Encourage everyone - finding ways in which we can say and do encouraging things for others today:

Monday, 14th March

  • The idea of redemption – Christ’s sacrifice to redeem the world.
  • God’s constant grace and redemption – is central to what Christians believe.
  • The idea that we forgive others as God has forgiven us – the message of the Lord’s Prayer.





Saved well - forgiveness - where God's love and justice meet:

Live and let live – forgive one another:

God’s grace: confessing sin, being forgiven and still held in love:

Monday, 21st March

·       After the death and resurrection of Christ, Paul’s letters to the early Christian communities also provide us with a vision of what it might be like to be a community responding to Christ. Across the letters, there is a strong sense of the Holy Spirit actively at work in the lives of individuals and communities.

·       The Christian narrative invites us to take seriously the possibility, even the reality, that God is alive and at work in the world, that the Holy Spirit works in and through us. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

  • To encourage children to have hopes and dreams for their future.





Live in hope - the belief of Christians that Jesus was the Son of God:

Hope to live - To explain the ‘surprise’ of the Easter story and the hope of eternal life it encourages:

Hope for life - To encourage children to have hopes and dreams for their future:

Friends and Heroes – free Easter video to download – ‘Remember Me’:

School is closed for Easter Thursday, 24th March and open on Tuesday 29th March 2016