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We have been learning about the Easter story and the symbols that are important at Easter.  The children have read and ordered the story, created Easter cards, made hot cross buns and worked together to make an Easter garden. 

Vegetable Soup


Not only did the children make fruit kebab snacks this week, they made a healthy meal. The children collected the ingredients and equipment so they could prepare and cook vegetable soup. Working as a team they did super following a new recipe. All the children  were brave trying a new food and all enjoyed developing their culinary skills.   

The Scarecrows Wedding!


This half term we have been reading 'The Scarecrows Wedding' by Julia Donaldson and having lots of fun with activities based around the events in this story. Most recently we have been learning about instructions in English and decided to write instructions on how to make a scarecrow. Before being able to explain to someone else how to do something you have to know how to do it yourself!, we made our very own Betty O' Barley and Harry O' Hay in preparation for writing/creating our own instructions. 

The creation of Betty O' Barley and Harry O' Hay!

We hope all the special ladies and Mums liked their Mother's day cards, it was a joy to make the cards and to hear all the lovely things the children had to say about you all. 

All the children did really well writing their ideas down and forming the letters. 

Lots of hands on learning in class this half term.

Hope it's going to be good weather this weekend. The children have been learning the Countries of the United Kingdom and using the map to report on the weather.

It will be Chinese New Year in half term, 2018 sees the year of the Dog begin, what's your animal? The children read the story and found out their animal, check out their great lamps made with Mr Farnworth.

This week we have been dividing amounts using practical tools and arrays.

What a busy term we are having so far!