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PSRP 2016 - 2017

Welcome to the start of the school year.  We have given you lots of information about routines in PSRP in your child's home - school diary, along with your child's own timetable.  Please check diaries daily to ensure you are up to date with any information you might need, and feel free to write anything in the diary that you think we might need to know.  Although we might not write in them daily, we do check them every day.


Here is an overview of the information in the diaries:


I (Mrs Oliver) will be teaching full time in PSRP again this year and Miss C. Gibson and Miss M. Gibson and Mrs MacQuarrie (Miss Makinson before her summer wedding) are the full time teaching assistants.


Spanish and P.E. on a Tuesday morning will be taught by Mrs Otley (the children know Mrs Otley well).


P.E. kits, consisting of school P.E. shorts and polo shirt and pumps should be clearly labelled and kept in school.  It is advisable to send in a pair of jogging bottoms for the winter months for outdoor P.E.


P.E. is on a Tuesday in PSRP


As last year, your child will swim on a Monday or a Wednesday (please see timetable).  Swimming kits need to be in school at the beginning of term and will be washed, dried and kept in school.  Girls with long hair will need to wear a swimming hat.  


Swimming is on a Monday or alternate Wednesdays in PSRP (please see your child's individual time table).


Homework will be given out on a Friday and is to be completed by the following Friday.  Reading books should come to school daily with the reading record book.  Children make greater progress with their reading when they regularly read at home, and children enjoy rewards for reading regularly in our school reading race.  


We had a really successful year with home reading last year and came overall second in the reading race for the year.  That is a fantastic achievement for us, and the children were really enthusiastic about it.  It would be great to see another successful reading year.


You will be able to see from your child's timetable (in their home school diary) that we have managed to establish some good mainstream class links for the coming year.  These are flexible and aim to meet the needs of your child.


I hope you find this information helpful.  We are looking forward to another fantastic year in PSRP.


Here is our long term plan, which will tell you what we will be covering over the course of the year.

Safer Internet Day 2017

A short film raising awareness of Safer Internet Day 2017 with parents and carers and encouraging them to have a conversation with their children about the internet. Parents and carers can find more about Safer Internet Day at and advice for parents and carers on our website

PSRP Yearly Topic Overview

Autumn 1 - Half Termly Topic Overview

We have been learning numbers up to 16 and playing Spanish number bingo.

A lion in Paris

Linked with our theme of France, we read a book called A Lion in Paris. The book tells of a lion who, bored with his life in the grasslands, travels to see the sights of Paris. As he visits some of the places we have looked at (the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Pompidou Centre, the Seine, The Arc du Triomphe, the Notre Dame and the Champs-Elysee) the lion becomes increasingly disappointed that nobody notices him. He eventually becomes contented when finally resting on a platform in Paris (known as the Lion de Belfort).


We read the book without looking at the front cover, and the children designed their own version of the front cover. They also, having learned about other places to visit in Paris, planned and wrote another page for the book, using another place that the lion could have visited.  We created our story pages on Purple Mash, developing our ICT skills, as well as our writing skills.  The work is now displayed in our classroom. Here are a few photos.


We have looked at the art work of Monet. We particularly focussed on his Water Lilies paintings. We practiced different skills and techniques in order to recreate his paintings. The results are on display outside of our classroom.

Autumn 2 - Half Termly Topic Overview

We have learned a little bit about the history behind the building of the Berlin Wall. We learned about the splitting of Germany following the Second World War, and that West Germany became and East Germany became very different places to live. We talked and role played what it would have been like to live in one part of Berlin while family and friends lived on the other side of the wall.  Some of us even built the Berlin Wall using construction equipment.


We made bricks in a graffiti style, similar to the concrete that made the Berlin Wall, and some of use wrote information that we could recall for our Germany display.

We have enjoyed our work on Lancashire Week. We made Lancashire hotpot following written instructions, peeling and chopping and frying.  We enjoyed eating the Hotpot too. It was lovely to have parents helping us for the morning too.

Our visit to the German Christmas Markets 
On Friday 9th December we visited the German Christmas markets in Manchester.  Our aim was to investigate the kinds of things sold, in order to help us to plan and run our own Christmas Markets.  We got on the train at Darwen, each of us asking for and paying our own fares.  We got off in Manchester and walked through the markets.  We stopped for hot chocolate, and then ate our packed lunch in the German style eating are outside of the town hall.  We bought chocolate lollies and even took part in a carol singing session outside of the train station with St. Edmund's Roman Catholic Primary School and St Patrick's R.C. Primary School in Manchester.  We had a fabulous day and were able to use our visit to help us to plan our own Christmas Markets.  Have a look at some of our photos.
PSRP Christmas Markets
Following our visit to the Christmas Markets in Manchester, we held our very own Christmas Markets.  We made Christmas crafts and cards, food, sweets and hot chocolate and sold them to parents and other members of staff.  We learned to sing and sign O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree and We Wish You a Merry Christmas and we performed these to parents and staff.  We had a lovely time and were able to sell the things that we had made.


Still image for this video

Spring 1 - Half Termly Topic Overview

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about China and what life is like there.  We focused on celebrations, particularly Chinese New Year.  We learned about what preparations and traditions are important to Chinese people in celebrating Chinese New Year.

Our Chinese New Year ICT work.

As part of our Art and D.T. work we designed and made Chinese Dragons.  Making the dragons involved a lot of decision making around colour, shape and positioning and attaching parts.  We tried to be as independent as possible in making these decisions about how we made our dragons and talked about any difficulties we faced.
We made Chinese lanterns.  These are used in the celebrations at Chinese New Year.

We read the story of the Chinese Zodiac. 

We made changes to the story, so that we could write our own version.  We included different animals and changed what happened to them in the race.  These are the story plans for our new stories.

World Religion Day

Internet Safety Day

Tuesday 7th February was Internet Safety Day.  We looked at the story of Smartie the Penguin, and some of us talked about the importance of not sharing personal information on the internet.  Her are the Internet Safety posters we made and have displayed in our ICT area.

Spring 2 - Half Termly Topic Overview


We have been learning about Italy.  We looked at some of the places we could visit.  These included the Colosseum, the Venice Canals, Mount Vesuvius and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Here is some of the information we learned about the Leaning Tower of Pizza.
We learned a little bit about the construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then attempted to make our own versions.  We used simple nets, cut, folded and stuck and assembled 3-D shapes to make our towers.  We had to work really hard to cut and stick as carefully as possible to make our towers as accurate as possible.  Making decisions about how to assemble our towers was tricky, but we were happy with our final designs.  Here are the end results.
We learned about some of the food that comes from Italy.  Here are some that we found out about.
We made pizzas.  You can follow the recipe at home if you would like to try them.  They were very successful.

Summer 1 - Half Termly Topic Overview

This morning (Thursday 4th May) 8 of PSRP children attended a table cricket event at Pleckgate High School. We had a fabulous time, learning how to play, and then playing four games against local schools.

We lost the first two games, although it was very close, and we won the final two games, having improved our tactics after the first two games.

We arrived back at school at lunchtime, tired, but happy that we received medals and certificates for competing. We will present these in tomorrow's assembly.


Summer 2 - Half Termly Topic Overview