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Year 5/6 After-School Debating Club

Dear parents and carers,


I have received some feedback that some parents were concerned regarding the recent topic we used for our after school year five/six debating club – ‘Is Santa Claus real?’


The topic was chosen to help get into the Christmas spirit and help bring the magic of Christmas back for any children who may have doubts, we know children discuss it between themselves and this was an ideal platform for them to be able to present their own views.


Child friendly websites were used to carry out their research and present their findings and feedback to their peers.


The children unanimously came to the conclusion Santa was real, using scientific research, the theory of relativity and even highlighting evidence from the U.S North American Aerospace Defence Command with their tracking service which they found out has been tracking Santa for over 50 years.


The aim of the debating session for the group of our year six pupils was to help develop their research, reasoning, empathy for other people’s viewpoint and presentation skills. This all helps to prepare them for high school.


One pupil summed it all up by giving her definition of faith in Santa. She said: “The fact that I have faith that Santa exists is complete trust and confidence in someone and something without any visible evidence. The fact that we believe makes Santa exist.”


We hope that helps to clarify the aims and objectives of the session whilst helping our children get into the festive spirit.


If anyone has any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me direct.


Thank you for your continued support.


Kind regards,



Michelle Smith