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Class Photographs

Learning to tell the time. Year two have been learning all about clocks and how to tell the time thinking carefully about moving past the hour and then moving up to the next hour.

Easter activities! Lots of mess and sticky fingers but a whole lot of creative happy children. 'This is the best day ever' Thierry Darin.

World Book Day 2016- We enjoyed discussing our favourite characters and books. We loved playing what's my character? We were very lucky for Little Red Riding Hood to get lost of her way to Grandma's house, her cakes were amazing.

Florence Nightingale came to our class to help us learn about all her good work.

As part of our Antarctica work, we investigated how animals can survive in the freezing cold temperatures. We tried to recreate their thick blubber using lard, butter and cotton wool and discussed which material would keep us the warmest. It was lots of fun!

We have been investigating multiplication. We used what we know about the two, five and ten times table to put the multiplication puzzle together.

In our computing lesson we learnt about coding. We found out how to code programmes in order to make an object move. When we had a problem we learnt how to debug our programme to correct it.

This week we have been investigating 2d shapes. We made different 2d shapes and Identified those with right angles. We then learnt about vertical lines of symmetry, sorting our shapes into symmetrical and asymmetric groups.

Lancashire week. We had a go at clog dancing, listened to the Mayor, learnt some Lancashire dialect, made scones and learnt about children who used to work in the cotton mills.

The Great Fire of London. We have learnt about the great fire and have placed the events in chronological order along the timeline.

Speaking and listening

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We have been trying out different structures to help us develop our speaking and listening skills. This structure called fan and pick encourages children to work collaboratively, speaking and listening together, developing valuable social skills. These skills help the children to be more active in their learning.

We have been learning about different sentence types. These children really enjoyed writing exclamations in role of Little Red Ridng Hood

Why do we have Bonfire night? We have learnt all about Guy Fawkes and why he is remembered today.

We have been learning how to turn on the laptops and log in to purple mash.

Plants. We have revised the main parts of a plant and have learnt about the parts of plants we eat as food.

Time openers and Kung fu punctuation

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Today we have learnt how to use time openers in our sentences to show when something is happening. We also made sure that we used capital letters and full stops by using Kung fu punctuation.