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Autumn Term Worship Themes 2017-2018

Worship Themes and resources Autumn 2017

The themes and focus for these assemblies have been taken from the key points in the Church of England’s ‘Vision for Education’ document.

Educating for Hope and Aspiration

In life, how we learn to approach the future is crucial. Good schools open up horizons of hope and aspiration, and guide pupils into ways of fulfilling them. They also cope wisely with things and people going wrong. Bad experiences and behaviour, wrongdoing and evil need not have the last word. There are resources for dignity and respect; repentance, forgiveness, truth and reconciliation are possible; and meaning, trust, generosity, compassion and hope are more fundamental than meaninglessness, suspicion, selfishness, hardheartedness and despair.



Themes, objectives, websites and resources

Church Season and Festivals

5.9.17 Hope

Christian hope is when God has promised that something is going to happen and you put your trust in that promise. · Christian hope is a confidence that something will come to pass because God has promised it will come to pass.

1) Hope

2) Hopes and Dreams

3) Hope


11.9.17 Hope for our world through justice and fair trade

In our second week we encourage children to think about how they can give hope to others across the world who live in a variety of difficult circumstances



11th Islamic New Year

18.9.17 Aspiration

Aspiration refers to working towards a goal in life, both personally and in Christian life.





25.9.17 Compassion - Harvest

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion, If you want to be happy practice compassion ( Dalai Lama)

Matthew 9:36 When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

1) Ruth – The Harvest Surprise 2) A Harvest rainbow 3) Spread the kindness

29.9.17 – Harvest Service in Church

2.10.17 Trust

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” · We trust in the Lord because He and He alone is truly trustworthy. His Word is trustworthy (Psalm 93:5; 111:7; Titus 1:9)

1) Trust

2) St Francis


3rd Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)

4th Feast of St Francis of Assisi

7th Grandparents Day

9.10.17 Inspiration

Giving the children some exemplars of people who have had aspiration and become inspirations

1) Mother Theresa

2) The fastest Man on the planet (Usain Bolt)

3) Inspirational people – A selection of young people

4) Dame Kelly Holmes

12th Yom Kippur

16.10.17 Respect


Who do you know that you really respect and why do you respect them?

Respect – give it to get it!

Respect peoples feelings, they may not mean anything to you, but everything to them

1) Respect 2) Respect 3) Religious tolerance 4) Celebrating Difference

17th First day of Sukkot (Jewish)

23.10.17 Community


‘Who is my neighbour?’

1) Light in the Darkness 2) Neighbours 3) Good neighbours This is a link for a power point that could accompany this assembly

23rd Last day of Sukkot (Jewish) 24th Shmini Atzeret (Jewish) 25th Simchat Torah (Jewish) 30th Diwali 30th British Summertime ends

Monday 6th November


Dignity and respect can come in the form of remembering those who gave everything so that we might have freedom.

1) Remembering


2) Never Forget


3) Assembly 18 - Helping People



11th Armistice Day

12th Remembrance


Monday 13th November


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

1) Peace & its symbols

2) Sport & Peace

3) Peace

4) Peace

5) Peace Babies

6) Building Peace

Monday 20th November Reconciliation

Reconciling is a crucial element of wisely negotiating the multi-layered and diverse reality of the society in which we live. It is usually not too difficult to honour the dignity of those who seem to be ‘one of us’, similar to ourselves, ‘normal’ by our own measure. The challenge is how we treat those who seem alien, abnormal, disturbingly or dangerously different.

1) recommended for KS3 but can easily be adapted. Particularly poignant as Coventry Cathedral is located in the Midlands and to this day is one of the world’s oldest religious-based centres for reconciliation, reflecting the commitment made by Provost Howard in 1940 to work with others “to build a kinder, more Christ-child-like world.”

2) Peace & Reconciliation

3) Forgiveness

4) Christ the King

5) Forgiveness

12th Prophet’s Birthday (Islam)


26th November Christ the king

Monday, 27th November Wisdom

The Bible is passionate about both wisdom-seeking and the importance of teaching and learning.

Wisdom isn't about what you know (this is knowledge/information) but about what you do with what you know - the application of your knowledge.

The Wisdom Necklace 2) Wisdom 3) Wisdom 4) Wisdom of Solomon

3rd December first Sunday of advent 30th St Andrew’s Day








Created by





Story Bible p8

Genesis ch 1 v 1-3 (Genesis ch1 v 1 – ch 2 v4) p3

Rachael West

Friday 1st Dec


Adam, Eve snake and apple

Story Bible p10

Genesis ch 3 v 22 – 24 (Gen ch 2 v 4 – ch 3 v24) p4

Logan Heeks


Mon 4th Dec

Noah and the Ark (obeying God)

Story Bible p12 Genesis ch 6 v12-14 and v19-20 and ch 7 v17 and ch 8 v1 & ch 8 v 18-19

(Genesis ch 6 v9 – ch 8 v19) p8

Grace Sulley

Tue 5th Dec

God’s rainbow promise

Story Bible p13

Genesis ch 9 v 8 – 17 p 10

Kaitlyn Baron

Wed 6th Dec

Abraham – lots of little stars

Story Bible p 16

Genesis ch 18 v 17 – 19 p17

Kimi McKenna

Thurs 7th Dec

Isaac story, & Esau or Ram’s horn / sword

Story Bible p18

Genesis ch 22 v1 – 12 p21

Harley Turner





Joseph – coat of many colours

Story Bible p22

Genesis ch 37 v 2-4

(Genesis ch 37 v1 – 36) p39

Olivia Mountain




Moses – basket, burning bush

Story Bible p28

Exodus ch 2 v 1 – 4 p55

Amber Nebil

Wed 13th Dec

David - Star of David, sheep,

Story Bible

1 Samuel 17 v 48 – 51 p 273





Mary, angel, Mother of God

Story Bible p 84

Matthew ch 1 v 18 – 24 p 912

Ava Schiel

Fri 15th Dec

Jesus from David – Star of David

Story Bible

Matthew ch 1 v 1 & v 17 p 911

Libah Ahmed





John the

Baptist, dove,


Story Bible p 90

Matthew ch 3 v 13 – 17 p 913

Ashlina Qureshi

Wed 20th Dec

Jesus Light of the World – flame, candle

Story Bible p146 The Spirit arrives John ch 8 v12 p 1031

James Edwards-