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Autumn Term Worship Themes 2016-2017


This term we will develop further our understanding of what being a Christian means.  We will reflect on the God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and think about story of salvation as described in the Bible.

Themes, objectives, websites and resources


Monday 5th September

  Crossroads Mission

Bishop, Julian, has challenged all the churches and Christian people with Vision 2026. There are three aims to this vision

  • To make disciples of Jesus Christ
  • To be witnesses to Jesus Christ
  • To grow leaders for Jesus Christ

The crossroads mission is part of this vision.

Jesus commanded his disciples to go and tell everyone.

Monday 12th September

  God the Father

  • Fundamental to Christian belief is the existence of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The concept of The Holy Trinity (God three in one) is central to the understanding of Christian faith.
  • The Bible depicts God as our Father in Heaven who is holy and longs to bring His Kingdom on Earth ‘as it is in Heaven.’

Monday, 19th September

 God the Son

  • Christians believe that God the Son (Jesus) was God the Word of God made flesh (human), come to earth to reconcile humankind to God by bringing salvation through His sacrifice on The Cross.
  • Central to this belief is that Jesus was born ‘without sin’, that He lived, died, was resurrected and ascended to Heaven to be with His Father, and that He will return (in The Second Coming) to judge the living and the dead.

Monday, 26th September

 God the Holy Spirit

  • The third person of the Holy Trinity, God the Holy Spirit is shown in the Bible to have been at work since creation, where He ‘hovered over the surface of the waters’ (Genesis 1).
  • Throughout the Old Testament the Holy Spirit inspired and empowered the ‘people of God’.
  • In the New Testament the Holy Spirit came and rested on Jesus in the form of a dove at His baptism, and came like a mighty rushing wind and with ‘tongues of fire’ to enable Jesus’ disciples to become His witnesses.
  • The Bible says that The Kingdom of God is ‘righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit’ (Romans 14:17).

Monday, 3rd October


  • The universe and human life are God’s good creation.
  • Humans are made in the image of God.

Monday, 10th October


  • Humans have a tendency to go their own way rather than keep their place in relation to their Creator.
  • This attitude is called sin, and Genesis 3 gives an account of this rebellion, popularly called ‘the Fall’.
  • ‘The Fall’ describes a catastrophic separation between God and humans, between humans and each other. And between humans and the environment.
  • The idea that humans are ‘fallen’ and in need of rescue (or salvation) sets out the root cause of many problems for humanity.

Monday, 17th  October

  People of God (1)

  • The Old Testament tells the story of God’s plan to reverse the impact of the Fall, to save humanity.
  • It involves choosing a people who will model a restored relationship with God, who will attract all other people back to God.

Monday, 24th  October

  People of God (2)

·      The Bible narrative includes the ups and downs of God’s plan to restore the relationship between humans and God, and to bring people back to himself.

·      God sent the prophets to bring His message to humans, and tried to get people to stay close to God.

·      The plan appears to end in failure with the people of God exiled, and then returning, awaiting a ‘messiah’ – a rescuer.

Half Term:  Monday, 31st October to Friday, 4th November

Monday, 7th November


The New Testament presents Jesus as the Messiah and Saviour, who will repair the effects of sin and the Fall and offer a way for humans to be at one with God again.

Incarnation means that Jesus is God in the flesh, and that, in Jesus, God came to live amongst humans.

Monday, 14th November

  Gospel (1)

  • ‘Gospel’ means ‘good news’. Jesus’ incarnation is ‘good news’ for all humans.
  • Jesus’ life, teaching and ministry embody what it is like to be one of the people of God and what it means to live in relationship with God.

Monday, 21st November

  Gospel (2)

Jesus shows us the ‘good news’ in person and as an example to us personally.

Jesus’ example and teaching emphasise loving one’s neighbour – particularly the weak and vulnerable – as part of loving God.

Monday, 5th December

 Advent (1)

A time for reflection – meaning of the  Advent candles

Monday, 12th December

  Advent (2)

Jesus was born to be the Saviour of the world.



Jesus came to be the Light of the world.