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Autumn Term Worship Themes 2015-2016

Autumn Term Worship 2015-2016

Our autumn term worship theme is:  The Bible

This term we will be journeying through the Bible, Old and New testament Stories and looking at the lessons we can learn from them.

Exploring the Bible as a book, Old & New Testaments, The Jesse Tree

27 August 2015 to 18 December 2015


Monday 7 September

  New Beginnings


  • To understand that others measure us in many ways.
  • To know it’s okay to find new things difficult.



  The Bible


  • To begin to appreciate the variety and inspiration of the Bible.
  • To show pupils that rules are useful and important. For Christians, the most important rules are God’s rules which are found in the Bible.
  • To explain to the children some of what the Bible contains.


Monday 14 September

The Old Testament – Genesis – In the beginning


  • To know what is the first story in the Bible.
  • To create a sense of wonder at the beauty of the world.
  • To understand other stories are found within the book of Genesis.
  • To retell part of the story of Noah and to appreciate our experience of colour.


Monday 21 September

The Old Testament – Moses – The Rules


  • To use the story of the birth of Moses as a way of thinking about caring for others.
  • To explore trust and the idea of trust in God.
  • To show that rules are needed in our lives.


Monday 28 September

 The Old Testament – Jonah – You cannot ever run away from God. He never leaves us.

  • To use the Story of Jonah to link Christianity & Jewish religions.
  • To learn that we should do what God asks us to do.

Monday 5 October

  The Old Testament - Psalms – Shouts of praise to God

  • To remind children of the importance of praise in our lives and how it links with praising God.
  • Being unique is good.
  • To help children learn about the Jewish festival of Sukkot, and think about thankfulness.

Monday 12 October

New Testament  - The Bible as a Biography of Christ

  • To encourage positivity to learning.
  • To explore the belief of Christians that Jesus was a special person.
  • To explore Johns gospel.

Monday 19 October

 New Testament – Miracles in the Bible

  • To reflect on friendship helping to overcome difficulties.
  • To think about the fact that offering something small can make a big difference.
  • To reflect on how God can help us to overcome our fears.

Tuesday 3 November

Acts of the Apostles


  • To consider what makes for a good team.
  • To understand the meaning of the words disciple and apostle and to consider what this might mean for us.
  • To introduce the Acts of the Apostles and reflect on the belief that ordinary as well as extraordinary people are called to do God's work.


Monday 9 November



  • Remembrance Sunday.
  • To reflect and give thanks to all our servicemen and women at home and abroad.
  • To remember and reflect on the word peace.


Monday 16 November

The Jesse Tree


A little different – Introduce the season of advent daily through the story of the Jesse Tree.

The Jesse Tree is a very old Christian Tradition dating back to the 11th Century. It is a fun way to trace the 'royal roots' of Jesus. Each item made traces his ancestors from Adam & Eve through the centuries to Mary and Joseph.
It's called the Jesse Tree because of a verse in the Old Testament in the book of Isaiah:-
"A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of its roots" Isaiah ch 11:1


  • To know the story of Adam & Eve and understand temptation.
  • To know Noah had hope.
  • To understand the trust Abraham had.


Monday 23  November

The Jesse Tree


  • To know the meaning of sacrifice.
  • To know Jacobs story.
  • To know Joseph’s story.


Monday 30 November

 The Jesse Tree


  • To explore trust and the idea of trust in God.
  • To convey the anticipation felt at Christmas, both before the first Christmas and today.


Monday 7 December

The Jesse Tree


  • To understand our character is more important to God than our appearance.
  • To show being wise is better than money and fame.
  • The advantages of working together.



Monday 14 December

The Jesse Tree


  • To understand Mary’s point of view.
  • To understand advent as a time of waiting.
  • The true meaning of Christmas.