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Meet Our Team!

Meet Our Team! 1 Mrs Burns (Class teacher Mon, Tues and Wed)
Meet Our Team! 2 Mrs Fellows (Class teacher Thurs and Fri)
Meet Our Team! 3 Mrs Sergeant (Mat leave)
Meet Our Team! 4 Miss Gibson (Teaching assistant)
Meet Our Team! 5 Mrs MacQuarrie (Teaching assistant)
Meet Our Team! 6 Mr Ellison (Teaching assistant mornings)

Hope you've all had a fantastic summer holiday, we can't wait to hear all about your exciting adventures.

Keep an eye on our class page for what we are going to learn about this year and other news around school.

This term our topic will be

In English we will be continuing to use 'Read, Write Inc.' to: practise recognising letters and sounds, blending sounds to read, holding then writing sentences and composing our own pieces of writing. We will also be enjoying stories linked to our topic such as 'funny bones', 'Supertato' and You be You' as well as a range of non fiction texts.

In Maths we will focus upon a variety of ability appropriate skills such as number recognition and counting, addition and subtraction, shape, space and measure, multiplication and division etc. We will use a large variety of resources to engage and support the children.

During topic work we will be learning all about: ourselves, our bodies and senses, our feelings and personalities, our houses and homes, the area that we live, our likes and dislikes and so on. Through exciting activities in Science, fieldwork in Geography and creativity in Art and Music we will find out how 'super' we all are!


PSRP Yearly Topic Overview

Autumn 1 - Half Termly Topic Overview