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Eco Club

We've fed the birds, weeded and planted potatoes


"The Eco Warriors"


We have joined  ‘Eco-Schools’ and part of that is trying to use our school to develop new skills and new ways of thinking.  We want to teach our children to have a sense of responsibility, awareness and to interact more with nature, along with increasing contact with the local community through a variety of projects.


There are 9 topics to cover.  “School Grounds” is the first topic we are excited to get involved with and want to attract birds to our grounds. By doing this, our children can learn to identify all the different species our grounds attract.  They will have the opportunity to watch, photograph and enjoy giving nature a helping hand by providing a safe environment and home for them. We’re also going to create an area where the children can plant with their own fruit and vegetables. We will then be able to add our own fruit and vegetables that we’ve grown to our salad bar at lunchtime. 

Getting Started.

Our grounds outside year 4 were pretty bare and uninteresting to start with. Due to lack of funds, we decided to make our own bird feeders. The children had great fun getting messy making them before we hung them on the tree.



Getting the community involved.

We wrote to local shops and businesses in the community to see if they could help us get started by donating anything they could. They were very generous. With their help we we able to buy bird seed, a bird box and camera, feeding station, feeders and  two pairs of binocculars. We had a fabulous bird table donated by HM Prison Wymott - thanks to Mrs Otley's brother, Graham Brisbane, a prison officer and former pupil at St. Cuthbert's for his input into the donation.


Many thanks also to : Herbert Parkinsons for a generous donation of £100. Also to Crown Paints Ltd for another generous donation of £100, Lesley Walker at Kenley Warehousing and Distribution LTD, Quality save, Darwen, Barton Grange Garden Centre, Preston. To our school council who generously donated £100 and our PTFA who between them so far have bought us soil, plants, children's' gardening gloves and garden trowels. Thank you to Miss Makinson who donated some lovely gnomes.


We must a thank various parents for kind donations of a small bird table, bird food and seedsMrs Whichkan  gave us a hamster cage which we made into a ground feeder for smaller birds and  Mrs Fish donated a bat box for our evening visitors.

What we bought and donations

Weeding and Clearing

This is were the hard work started. Mr Otley, one of our school governors, came to help us. Everyone got stuck in and did an amazing job. The children loved finding mini beasts along the way.

Planting fruit and vegetables

Now the exciting bit. We planted 3 types of potatoes along with carrots , lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries.

Year 4 helped us to paint some plant pots. We painted some animal bugs on stones for our garden.

look at our potatoes!